How does it feel to be a finalist?


“It made us look at our business in a different way, things we didn’t realise until we put it down on paper. It also made us see how diverse we are.” 

John – Northland Coach and Travel


“We have lovely customers.” 

Carole - Smiles Cafe


“We didn’t plan for the People’s Choice, but it all just happened.  I feel good about being in the running for two Awards and look forward to the dinner.  It’s great to have something positive in business.  That’s why we did it.  Being our fifth year in business, it’s good to look back and focus on the positives.” 

Robyn – I Scream


“I’m feeling very excited about being a finalist, because we’re a part of the community and do a lot of good work here.” 

June – Chess Employement and Training


“Fantastic, I feel really good about that [being in the Top Ten].  Second year round we want to be the winner again. When we got nominated last year, you have no idea what that did for us.  We were going through a low, and it gave us something to focus on.  We put so much work into the business, and especially in these hard times in retail, the nomination gave us a lift and our staff as well.”  

Maria - Farmer Lou’s on South


“We’re happy that we are the choice of the people.”  

David - Irons and Craig


“Oh that’s amazing.  Excellent. That’s very good, we’re only a small place.”  

Matt – The Gym


“That’s lovely! We got nominated in the NSW Newsagency Association Awards as well so that’s very good.”  

Brad - South Grafton News and Gifts


“Wonderful!  Top ten!  Woohoo!”  

Danielle - Just Like Leadlight


“Excellent, thank you. We were hoping we’d get in.  We wanted to get involved this year because we saw what it did last year.  Our customers were just so happy for us and we had fun with our customers.” 

Sharon – Hanks Kitchen


“We’re excited.  There were a fair few businesses nominated, so to get in the top ten is great.  We’re all really proud.  It’s nice to be appreciated for the hard work we put in.”  

Danielle – John Williams Optometrist


“What was really good about it [the entry process] was it made us aware of growing the business.  It gave us some idea of direction, showed us some things we had overlooked and ways to improve.” 

Barbara and Brian – Waterview Motel


“Cool! Awesome!  It was fun [completing the entry form].  My clients helped me with the entry process –proof reading, suggestions, photography etc.  We try to keep it local and in “the family”; that’s the way I work at 24/7.”  

Mel - Yamba 24/7 Health and Fitness


“It was interesting to see where we were three years ago (when we last entered) and to see the improvement in what we do now.  The scope of our business has almost doubled from three years ago and we didn’t really realise how much we had grown until we put it on paper.” 

Melissa – CHS Training


“This is our second year.  After getting feedback from the judging board last year, we took that on board to improve our submission this year. We drew on a lot of elements out of our Quality Improvement Plan.  The Business Excellence Awards does make you stop and focus on the business.”  

Vanessa – Willy Wagtails Kindergarten


"As Chairman of the Clarence River Jockey Club and the winners of the 2013 Clarence Valley Business Excellence Award, we are obviously overwhelmed BUT I also think it is a great event for the whole Valley and can recommend you ensure you enter your business for the 2014 Awards. I am sure you will enjoy the ride. Congratulations to all organizers and entrants."

Graeme Green, Clarence River Jockey Club, Grafton


"To enter the CVBEA is one of the greatest learning experiences your Business will ever do. It gives a great insight into how much you put into your business. To win is the icing on the cake and a great motivator for Owners and Staff." 

Bob Little, SPAR Maclean 


"Even though we didn't win our category the process of entering the awards makes you step back and have a really good look at your business and what you are trying to achieve and how close you are to getting there. That is more valuable than any prize." 

Scott Morschel, Kitchen to Table, Yamba


"The CVB(E)A is a great platform to promote our business throughout the valley. The exposure has had a positive effect on our business." 

Cathie Parker, Maclean Stays


“Mareeba Aged Care is a strong supporter of the Clarence Valley Business Awards as we see the awards forum as an excellent means of recognising and rewarding the many well run enterprises in the Clarence Valley. We were delighted to receive the major award in 2011 as in particular the outstanding efforts of our hard working staff were recognised by the win. The awards are very well run and we would encourage any of our colleagues in the Clarence Valley business community to enter as the whole process is a positive one."

Sam Baker, Mareeba Aged Care, Maclean


“Complete Staff Solutions, as a past winner of three Clarence Valley Business Excellence Awards, thoroughly appreciated the opportunity to review our business goals and practices which completing the entry afforded us.  We would recommend that any business who participates in the awards will benefit through the completion of the entry to the increased profile resulting from the involvement.”
Agneta Hansell, Complete Staff Solutions, Grafton

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