The winner is announced.  Your table erupts.  The photos of you and your team brandishing the trophy will stay with you forever.  Smiling faces, congratulations pouring in, the feeling is rapturous.

Winners are Grinners.

But to win, you have to enter. .  Do so.  It’s not just the fame.  There is so much more to gain.

  • Businesses always need a Point of Difference if they are to stand out from their competition.  

  • If a business chooses to be no different from its competitors, it is nothing but a match in a matchbox. 

  • What makes you different? You can’t be unique to all markets, but you want/need to be in you target market

  • Your beacon-like point of difference needs to be something that is not easily copied by your competitors.  If it were, you would become a match in a matchbox again.

Being a Winner or a Finalist in the Business Excellence Awards is a strong point of difference and well worth promoting.  Use it!

It boosts your reputation and acts as a third party endorsement - the perfect tool to use to get the ultimate in publicity. 

There’s more!  Entering the Clarence Valley Business Excellence Awards is an opportunity to review and analyze your business achievements, clarify plans to keep your business moving forward, and benchmark your performance against similar businesses. It is an opportunity to make your business an even better business. 

You deserve to be proud of your achievements and so do your staff. Your customers are also a part of your business success and will reward an award winning business with their loyalty. You deserve recognition for the risks you take and significant investments you make in establishing and growing your businesses and in turn our local economy.

The entry process is straight forward and there is a range of categories to suit every business type and size. It's also a great chance to network, raise the profile of your business and reward the hard work of you and your staff.  The Clarence Valley Business Excellence Awards can help raise the profile of your business by telling more people about you and encouraging them to come to your door. 


An award win can provide ongoing promotion opportunities that won’t cost you a stack of money or time. People like doing business with winners.

Seize the opportunity this year.




The Clarence Valley Business Excellence Awards were initiated by Clarence Valley Council in 2007 in partnership with the area’s Chambers of Commerce and the business community.

Today the annual Awards are organised by a Committee comprised of business community representatives and Chamber of Commerce members. Being a self funded, not for profit entity, the Clarence Valley Business Excellence Awards relies on sponsorship and could not operate without support from local businesses and media partners.

The annual Awards aim to encourage business improvement and reward business excellence. It's a scheme to help retain local money being spent elsewhere, encourage business best practice throughout the area, and provide a vehicle for showcasing Clarence Valley businesses.

The Business Excellence Awards strive to cultivate an energetic and progressive business community in order to draw investment and expand business opportunities. It’s also a way to acknowledge the contribution of businesses to the Clarence Valley economy whilst creating business networking opportunities.