Entering the Clarence Valley Business Excellence Awards is an opportunity to review your business achievements and benchmark your performance against similar businesses.

The entry process is straight forward and there is a range of categories to suit every business type and size.

It's also a great chance to network, raise the profile of your business and reward the hard work of you and your staff. Plus, itís a great night out!

Review | Reward | Reputation

You deserve recognition for the risks you take and significant investments you make in establishing and growing your businesses and in turn our local economy.

Entering the Awards gives you the opportunity to analyse your business, look back at what have you achieved and clarify plans to keep your business moving forward.

You deserve to be proud of your achievements and so do your staff.  Your customers are also

a part of your business success and will reward an award winning business with their loyalty.

Being a finalist or winning an award boosts your reputation as it acts as a third party endorsement. It's as valuable as a positive comment from a friend.

The Clarence Valley Business Excellence Awards can help raise the profile of your business by telling more people about you and encouraging them to come to your door. Download the entry documents now!

"As Chairman of the Clarence River Jockey Club and the winners of the 2013 Clarence Valley Business Excellence Award, we are obviously overwhelmed BUT I also think it is a great event for the whole Valley and can recommend you ensure you enter your business for the 2014 Awards. I am sure you will enjoy the ride. Congratulations to all organizers and entrants."

Graeme Green, Clarence River Jockey Club, Grafton

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